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Smart Home as a Service

Fully Managed

An end-to-end, vendor agnostic, white label SHaaS solution providing you a short time-to-market at low startup cost.

Smart Technology

One intuitive UI for all major screens, across multiple brands of smart things to free your customers from complexity and allowing them to use mass-market devices

Easy Integration

Powerful backend console that integrates to your existing CRM, Billing and Customer Care environment.

Our Vision.

In our homes, everything that benefits from a connection will be connected. Service providers will play an important role in making this continuously evolving Smart Home ecosystem more intuitive and easy to use

Our Mission.

to help you tap into new revenue streams, increase your ARPU, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and reduce churn

to help you outpace competition with a short time to market at limited startup cost and with pre-defined use-cases

to manage the dynamics of the continuously evolving Smart Home
device eco-system on your behalf

Our Solution.

i4Things, with its Consolomio solution, is the only provider to date that can offer its clients an easy to set up, highly integrated, vendor agnostic, fully managed, Smart Home as a Service solution, giving your customers a seamless Smart Home experience via a single, intuitive, user interface on all major devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Web, Smart TV.

Consolomio comes with an integrated and powerful operator console, which is unique on the market and aims to easily integrate with your existing CRM, Billing and customer care environment for best in class quality of service management.

Our Platform Essentials.

Powerful and highly useful Smart Home as a Service functionality.


Smart Home as a Service, ready to use to empower and retain your valuable customers base.

Security by Design

Our platform is designed with A-Grade security tools and features to protect our customers.

End to End Solutions

To help our business partners with a complete smart home solution with a proven rapid time to market.

À La Carte

We've developed relevant smart home building blocks to meet our customers highest demands.

Open & Modular

Establish an open, stable and modular Smart Home as a Service platform with no vendor lock-in.

Auto Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest version of our IoT Plaform without needing to do it manually.

Platform Management

Our platform includes scalable tools to control marketing, operations and customer experiences.

Rapid Time To Market

Reduce time to market with our turn-key end-to-end solution and launch within only weeks of time.

Highly Experienced

Our global team of IoT experts has fulfilled and delivered more than 30 successful projects over the years.

Get Really Smart

Turn lamps, thermostats, doorbells, smoke & motion sensors, etc. in a set of harmonious smart devices.

Built to Integrate

We've integrated the best brands to let you benefit from the latest and greatest technology.

Friendly Support

Questions? Need help? Our dedicated teams are here for you to help, feel free to contact us.

Launch Your Smart Home Project Simple and Fast.

Our experience makes it possible to define steps that make your Smart Home as a Service project fast, easy and successful.


Steps to launch your Smart Home project.

Together we define the optimal go-to-market strategy and commercial path forward that will deliver against your revenue growth or profit improvement objectives.


Business Model & Service Offering

Together we define your needs, based on our market knowledge and mutual findings. Next, we determine the ideal service offering for your purpose which fits to your core business and sets you apart from the competition.


Roadmap & Milestones

Based on our Consolomio solution and your individual requirements and needs, we build a roadmap and milestones to set up, build, customize and deploy your custom solution for a hassle free service launch.


Services & GUI Extensions

Consolomio is designed to be flexible and can easily adapt to market changes and future requirements, to be always up to date. We integrate and support a variety of known Smart Home device brands with a single, intuitive user interface across all devices.


Provisioning & Maintenance

The Consolomio operator back-end integrates to your CRM and Billing systems and helps you tap into new revenue streams. It provides your Customer Care with a versatile service interface to provision and support new services for your customers.

Smart Home as a Service simple, flexible
and affordable pricing for your customers.

Consolomio - To Kickstart Your Smart Home as a Service Proposition.

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